lone wolf style


Tongyou Lent:

"There are girls Time"

Gift exchange.

"Absolutely can not count to three before you open your eyes, oh, oh convention!"

(Goof graffiti dual nature turn, I had not overwork Sia ...... Parashorea)> m <not colored! Nor refinement! No time! ! Liver draft hide back ......

Royal Bean burn:

True wave mountain  @ one-way traffic    Onoda Sakamoto Road @ manager

Photography thanks   @ large flower king  , Ayue


Recently turnout COS feel one kind of life they cross the threshold of what QQ

And now for the first time should be about seven out of no sideburns role XDDD

Onoda super angels so hard to control the QQ

Before the role out of the box to learn more, simply trained to look narcissistic拍郎face

Learn to love me ..... !!!!! ((away

Sakamoto really like a small mountain fresh, but so hard to control the kind of freshness

Waipai years to the day before it said, "Oh, we want you to shoot tomorrow smelly Terrier Oh I will not shoot super stinky" ".......... what we do !!! foul shot tomorrow?" We do not shoot foul !!? "" We do not do anything that we were climbing youth shot smell it !!!? "

Then I opened the cupboard and discovered that only a new shortage of this (..............)

2015 has been over a month now 10 groups took the car so terrible ah XDDD

Last month, I do not know what is owed to fight according to 14 groups in the first half of this year should be a car in

Although I really want to have soft, play games, I waited 99 Taro fast so I went to practice equally ←

It took two days of the January release of the car seems to be organized into a smart Hey (!)

Then do not know that there is no way to try to put the photos in January put off the record about (ry)

There are a lot of things that want to make the car feel oh shoot endless QQ

CP recently wanted to eat more widely the more strange looks increasingly wide ry

Oh well, I did not break the table, although the shortage of North 3DS game wearing cat ears I stripped almost complete it (shut up)

Serious feel like Plurk turtle long speech of column type (.....)

Celery celery dish:

Vowing to fight and die in the end line! ! ! ! !

Sword man mountain paro Sakamoto

After much deliberation, the knife still more lovely (((

Then I was going to cry a manuscript day ........